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May 11th, 2013

Phoenix Poetry…

About a year ago I was taking a literature class with the University of Phoenix. It was total horse shit. One of my assignments was to write a free verse poem about who I am. Under the influence of Maker’s MarkĀ and the Country music supergroup, The Highwaymen, I wrote this terrible piece of blasphemy.

“I AM”

The prophets said my parents were Adam

and Eve.

A man made of mud

pies and a woman made from

a pilfered rib.


The biologists said my father was a primate

and my mother was a protozoan

(a paramecium, perhaps).


The Bodhisattva

said Selfish

Desire and Longing

were my

mother and father.

I am their Son, Suffering.


The Earth said she was my mother.

She and my father, Time, conceived me

in their imaginations

when they were both too young to be

parents. Luckily, I sprang

from the mud a full-grown man.

Am I Adam?

With his duty done, Time marched on

leaving Mother Earth a single parent.


The truth is,


none of these things.


neither mud nor monkey.


not a latchkey kid suffering from the desire to know my father, while my mother spins aimlessly through the cosmos.



the cosmos.




matter and energy

never being created nor destroyed

only changed.


I was not imagined by the world, I imagined her.


not the son of Time



I’ll always be around.

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2 comments to Phoenix Poetry…

  • Jack D.

    Not sure if I get the point of your poem, Cisco (if indeed there was one), but I think I’m officially addicted to the song “The Highwayman” now.

  • AC


    There was a point. I used the assignment as a way to comment on different views of creation and existence. The poem suggests that I am not created, I am creation itself. It says I have always been and always will be (sort of like the song). It contradicts and embraces most science and religion at the same time.

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