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You Sure Got a Purty Mouth

The 2nd annual Squeal Like a Pig-A-Thon is just over one month away! May 8th, 2010 promises to be an epic party for pork-eatin’ infidels and other great people from all over Northern Virginia, DC, Maryland, and other places throughout the country. All are welcome as our guests, and we’d never DREAM of charging our guests for our hospitality! However, we are accepting VOLUNTARY donations. Donations will be used to offset the cost of the pig, charcoal, beer, and rebuilding Doug’s house after we accidentally burn it to the ground in a pork, party and beer-induced frenzy.

If you would like to donate, please click the button below and donate via PayPal or, if you prefer to donate in some other way, please feel free to speak to me or Doug. We will also be accepting donations at the roast. We are also looking for volunteers to provide side dishes for others to enjoy.

Of course, donations are not required. The only requirement is to come and have a blast!

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