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April 24th, 2008

As If We Really Need A Reason…

The “fair and balanced” journalists at Foxnews.com are reporting on a new study that links frequent masturbation to a decrease in risk of prostate cancer. The article at Fox News can be found here. Interestingly enough, Fox News is only quoting an article from a Gay and Lesbian Website (I’m not really sure why the Lesbians would care…no matter how butch, women just don’t have prostates) which is supposedly quoting the Australians.

Anyway, apparently men between 20 and 50 who masturbate five times a week have a 30% less chance of developing prostate cancer than men who do not. Researchers seem to think that the frequent ejaculation “flushes” the carcinogens out of the prostate.

This is obviously something that some men have known all along…or at least judging by their habits would think they’ve known. Either way, I’m sure that any man who didn’t have a good excuse to yank it a couple of times a week has finally gotten one backed by SCIENCE (who can argue with science?).

Now, of course, the only thing that I could think of while reading this article (other than, “why the hell is this front-page news?”) was “If a man jerks off 10 or 15 times a week does that lower his chances by 60% or 90%?”

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2 comments to As If We Really Need A Reason…

  • Amy J

    Ok so reading this was a little ironic as i have always wondered if there was some benefit to this besides the obvious! I am also wondering if the more often, less risk thing stands true! However this will not be information I share with my son! Guess science just made it alot more explainable! ” why do you do that so often?” ” besides feeling good it has been scientifically proven to help reduce my risk of prostate cancer!” Although the frequent intercourse according to the article doesnt have the same effect due to increased risks of stds, my question is did the people in this study not use or believe in protection? Anywho thats just my thoughts on this!

  • the commuter

    seeing that i had the vasectomy done – the urologist said the same thing…high risk unless you are active. ‘why do you do it so often???? beside feeling good and science…you can stop at feeling good and call it a day. I know why, because my wife doesnt feel that it is necessary that much…so if I have to ‘pull’ my own weight to get the job done – so be it. this whole women are a mystery thing is annoying – men are simple and life is too damn short to play games. WHY NOT – especially in marriage…both parties are happy, the guy isnt a crab after sex, he is happy to go to war for his woman…it is both a feel good deal and a feel good about the relationship deal. I will let you know if the 10-15 times a week increases the low risk factor.

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