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April 16th, 2008

Mad Libs turn 50!

For anyone who may be questioning my existence…I am indeed still alive. I have been a little bit busy, and have not had time to write anything for the blog in several days, but I hope to correct that soon.

However, InĀ  honor of the 50th birthday of the Mad Lib, I have decided to allow the readers to make their own blog entry today. Enjoy.


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4 comments to Mad Libs turn 50!

  • Here’s my story (it gets a little weird at the end… beware):

    If you are looking for a CRUNCHY way to celebrate your next birthday, how about a pirate-themed costume party? Start by sending invitations in the form of a buried SWORD map with an X marking the location of your PICKLE. Make a sign for the front door that reads: “Ahoy, LEPRECHAUNS.” And fill the house with lots of GOOEY booty — Mom’s silk TOENAILS, satin CANNONBALLS, and UNHOLY costume jewelry for starters. As your guests come aboard, tie a bandanna around their STAPLER, place a PINK patch over their EARLOBE, and give them fake tattoos for their arms and ARMPITS. And remember, when the cake is presented, sing a rousing version of “Happy Birthday” using your pirate name, like “Happy birthday, dear BOTTLE-face JUAN PEDRO!” Then, and only then, may you cut the chocolate TREE with your HAIRY sword.

  • Amy J

    Corrupted excerpt from ”green eggs and ham”

    ”You do not smack blue kiwi fruits and caramel apple?” I do not smack them Amy-i-am.
    ”Could you, would you, with an aardvark?”
    I would not, could not, with an aardvark!
    ”Would you, could you, on a helicopter?” I could not, would not, on a helicopter. I will not, will not, with an aardvark. I will not kill them in the snow. I will not kill them on a train.
    Not in the dark! Not in a horseshoe! Not in a plane! You let me be!
    I do not smack them in a shotglass. I do not smack them with a beetle.
    I will not kill them in a treehouse.
    I do not smack them with a platypus. I do not smack them here or there. I do not smack them ANYWHERE! I do not smack blue kiwi fruits and caramel apple! I do not smack them Amy-I-am!

  • Rachelskirts: Hysterical. I should have seen the pirate thing coming. Luckily for me there weren’t any Mad Libs about Hobbits…

    Amy: Theodor Geisel is turning over in his grave.

  • Amy J

    One of my sons favorite stories is ”Green Eggs and Ham” So this was an interesting thing for us to do together! He is still finding this version amusing! Thanks for the idea!

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