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April 7th, 2008

BVD’s and Two Left Boots: Part Three…

Straight for the showers…I figured I had about 10 minutes max before every pathogen that had been in contact with my body was in full force. Therefore, Easton and I grabbed fresh uniforms from our tent and headed straight to the showers. Before people start making the fag jokes, I’ll just say that it was rare that anyone ever went anywhere by themselves. The shower tent was a little crowded, but luckily, there were empty showers. I placed my clean clothes on one of the free spaces on the benches, and headed into one of the showers. Easton placed his stuff next to mine and went into a DIFFERENT shower (I know you assholes out there are making jokes). I came out of the shower first and started getting dressed. It felt great to put on a clean uniform right out of the laundry.

A moment later Easton came out of the shower, came to the bench, and started getting dressed. He picked up a pair of gray underwear and said, “Hey, are these mine?” I looked at him and said, “How should I know? But, your shit was right next to mine, and I have all of my shit.” He looked at them, and said, “Then these must be mine.” He proceeded to get dressed as I cracked a joke that in a few seconds a man would walk out looking for his drawers. I made the joke, and immediately forgot all about it.

I haven’t done this since I was a kid. How did I put my boot on the wrong foot? I had grabbed my left boot and tried to put it on my right foot. It struck me as funny, I never grabbed the wrong boot, it was always the right boot first…but I shrugged it off and switched it to my left foot. Perfect. I grabbed the other boot…it didn’t go on my right foot either….what was going on? I looked down and immediately realized what I had done. In the dark of my sleep tent, I had accidentally grabbed both of my left boots. I wasn’t going to say anything…I could walk back to the tent before anyone noticed….

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