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March 27th, 2008

How to Learn a Foreign Language…

As many of you know, I studied a Arabic in the Army and have been working with the language now for over seven years. Well, during my linguist career, I learned to appreciate just how difficult and frustrating learning a foreign language can be. It is definitely a real pain in the ass. It requires discipline, dedication, time, effort, and above all else it requires aptitude.  It’s definitely not something that just anyone can do. Well, that is until now…

APPARENTLY, a man from New Zealand found the quick and easy way to learn “Australian.”  According to The Nelson Mail newspaper, Arthur Ross Cradock called the police on the afternoon of 11 February complaining that he needed assistance because he was being raped by a wombat. He later called to withdraw the complaint because the accused wombat had “pulled out” and Mr. Cradock claimed that it really didn’t hurt his “bum” at all. It did, however, leave Mr. Cradock with a new found language skill. He claimed that the only negative side effect was that he speaks “Australian” now.

This may not sound like much to any of you, but as a linguist I can definitely say that there is a benefit to this…after all, I hear that “New Zealandish” and “Australian” are about as different as “American” and “Canadian”…and we all know how screwed up “Canadian” is, eh?

Still, this leaves me wondering, could I have saved years of study and learned Arabic by fornicating with a camel?

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